5 Tips on How to Make Legs Look Taller

By | December 7, 2017
Tips on How to Make Legs Look Taller

5 Tips on How to Make Legs Look Taller

A tall natural height gives you more confidence. If you have an average height, but you want to make your legs look taller than they are, here are some tips on how you can do it.

Tips on How to Make Legs Look Taller

Match your shoes with your dress
A very easy way to make your legs look taller is by matching the color of your shoes with the color of your dress or trousers. This way, you can make it look as if your stature is much taller than what it is because of the lengthening effects that your matched attire exudes.

Wear Vertical Patterns
Wearing dresses that have vertical lines are also helpful in making you look taller. Plainclothes are also fine, but it does not give that taller feel. Avoid horizontal lines because they make you look fatter and of course shorter, which you certainly do not want.

Knowing the Tall Size

When you shop for yourself, make a careful selection of what you buy. Opt for shorter tops because they let you show off the full lengths of your legs, making you look taller. Also, go for high waist trousers or skirts. Such clothes make your legs look taller without you having to do anything at all. Also, never buy trousers or skirts that end somewhere around your calf. Opt for longer or shorter bottoms. You can also try trousers with wide bottoms. These trousers extend through your shoes easily making you look taller.

Wear high heels
An easy tip on how to make legs look taller is by wearing higher heels. You can easily add 3-4 inches to your height by wearing high heels. Also, heels with pointy toes also make you look taller.

Add real size to your height.

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