9 Insanely USEFUL Exercises to Increase Vertical Jump

By | March 2, 2018
Exercises to Increase Vertical Jump

9 Insanely USEFUL Exercises to Increase Vertical Jump


Exercises to Increase Vertical Jump

Want to improve vertical jump but don’t know how to do it?

Well, you’re not alone. There are tens of thousands out there who want to improve their vertical jump. Whether it’s a volleyball hike or tennis jump deliver, basketball smash dunk or soccer duck, a high jump is a major skill for almost all athletes.

That being said, it’s important to answer the question: how to increase jump?

You can only improve your vertical jump by practicing my simple vertical jump training program. Let’s see what all it includes:

Standing Vertical Leaps
Stand along the side of a wall and have a chalk in your hand while you leap as high as possible and leave a mark to exhibit your maximum vertical jump. Re-practice this exercise each week to know how you are doing. In case you don’t like writing on wall, replace chalk with tape to know your highest reach.

Perform high jumps in every session by standing on your feet almost shoulder width away, bending down on your knees and leaping up as high as possible.

Recommended Rounds: 6


Box Jumps
Stand before a steady box, stand, bench or any platform that matches your knee height. Jump up on the box with both legs and jump off.

Recommended Time: 30 seconds

*Slowly increase the platform’s height every week as your high jump increases. Make someone stand behind you during initial practice in case you fall backward after one or two jumps.


Depth Jumps
It’s time to flip the box jump practice. Begin by resting on the box that matches your standing vertical leap. Jump off, land on your feet, again jump as high as possible and rest both of your feet on the ground.

Recommended Rounds: 6


1-2-3 Jumps
This vertical jump can either be practiced outdoors or in an indoor living space with enough room. Take two broad walking or racing steps and jump as high as possible on your 3rd step. Return and repeat.

Recommended Rounds: 6 with each foot

Shock Jumps
Very much alike depth jumps, these jumps need you to rest in a box and later jump off. While this vertical jumping technique allows you to land like an acrobat, you’ll learn to land on your feet balls without any movement after landing.

Recommended Rounds: 6

Jump Squats
Cross your arms in front while you stand on your feet almost shoulder width away. Lower yourself by bending your knees and move your buttocks backward, holding your back aligned, eyes forward and knees above your toes. As soon as you reach a sitting state, leap straight up.

Recommended Rounds: 6

Split Squats
Begin with a broad pounce and energetically jump as high as possible by swapping legs in the air.

Recommended rounds: 6 with each of the two legs

Box Squats
Take a box, sit on it and stand up swiftly. You can utilize stuff like barbells, resistance tapes or hand heights initially to prevent backache or injury while using weights or support.

Recommended rounds: 6


Standing Broad Leaps
Commonly known as long jump in Olympics, here athletes leap from a squatting state towards a sand hole. You can use a flat surface and measure your results every week to record improvement in high jumps.

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