Are Sinus Infections Contagious?

By | July 12, 2017
Sinus Infections

Are Sinus Infections Contagious?


Sinus infection is caused by inflammation in sinusitis. Most of the people do not even recognize that they are suffering from such infection. Symptoms of sinus infections are recognizable; a cough, flu and running nose are some of the common symptoms. Other than these symptoms, people may have the different type of symptoms depending on the geographical conditions. Even two sufferers of the same place can also have different symptoms. Sinus infections often lead us to a sinus headache, toothache, severe pain in forehead and nose and much more.

Sinus Infections

Are sinus infections contagious? Many people have this query that sinus infections are contagious or not. The simple answer to this query can be, No! However, adding to this, it is contagious only when people have infections because of bacteria, fungi mold, and virus. A major cause of this infection is cold; this includes running nose and cough. Often sufferers have a misconception that they are only suffering from cold, but in reality, they have the sinus infection. This misconception leads them to stages that are even more serious.

Different people show different symptoms; it is not necessary that two people suffering from sinus infection have same symptoms. However, symptoms depend upon the causes and reasons from which they occur. It is better to recognize the earliest symptoms or get it diagnosed by doctors to get the appropriate treatment for sinus infection. Antibiotics treatments are not very beneficial for preventing disease; you should try for the home remedies, which can be easily applied, and also does not cost much.

Most of the sufferers and non-sufferers often ask their doctors that are sinus infections contagious or not. Sinus infections are not contagious, but having cold can show up the results of being contagious for first three days. In some cases, it can be for four to five days. Recognition of symptoms at the early stage can beneficial to start the treatment process at the earliest because with the moving time, it can be more severe.

The earliest symptom of sinus infection is sore throat problem. The problem of a sore throat can be treated by taking plenty of water mixed with little salt or gargling with warm salty water for 3-4 times a day. Gargling helps in irrigating the back area of a throat that gets drainage because of the sinus infection. Pain in nose, head, tooth, and eyes are some symptoms of sinus infection other than cold and flu. One can be contagious for about two to three days before it shows the symptoms.

Contagious time is of 7 days while you suffer from the cold for four days. If you have queried that are sinus infections contagious, then you must have got the appropriate answer. Although above statements are enough to make you clear about the contagiousness. If you are having, some other queries related to the sinus infections such as pain, treatment, and prevention, you could log into the Internet for better information. Consult your doctor or any specialist for best prevention and treatment of sinus infection.

Now, you have the answer to the question ‘ Are sinus infections contagious,’ what do you think about this? Are sinus infections contagious?


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