Are You Suffering From Gum Infection?

By | July 15, 2017
Bacterial Gum Infection

Are You Suffering From Gum Infection?


Gum Infection ImageIf your answer is ‘yes,’ you should immediately seek help from a gum specialist. The fact is, it’s a pathogenic process and can be avoided very easily be keeping certain gum-care tips in mind. In fact, one of the major reasons responsible for gum infection is personal neglect. If you don’t clean the oral cavity regularly by brushing, your gums will sooner or later get affected. Also, flossing is one of the major culprits.

Bacterial Gum Infection

Why Should You Take Care Of Your Oral Cavity?

Because, it has friendly microorganisms which thrive, flourishes and nourishes inside the mouth as it’s the ideal place for growth. However, if you fail to take care of your oral hygiene, it can cause plaque. Also, if you don’t clean the plaques every day, it will form a tartar which is also known as tartar. Therefore, regular brushing is simply a must along with flossing.



Remember, you should also make use of a good mouthwash which is one of the best ways to prevent gum infection. The benefits of using a good mouthwash are that it removes plaques and micro-organisms. In case, if tartar develops, you should look for a professional dentist for dental cleaning as it’s the only way to get rid of the tartar.

Different Kinds Of Gum Infection

Bacterial Gum Infection

In other words, it is also known as plaque-induced gingivitis. If you are suffering from Bacterial gum infection, you should better take it seriously and immediately look for an experienced dentist as it can lead to gingivitis, or which is better known as gum inflammation.

Signs And Symptoms Of Bacterial Gum Infection

Red or purple colored swollen gums.
Brush very carefully when you are suffering from this kind of infection because it’s very sensitive when touched and immediate bleeding will start especially after brushing. So, you need to take some special care when you have the bacterial gum infection.

-Bad breath
As the gums are very weak, one may also lose teeth due to severe gingivitis. Remember, it’s not the plaque responsible for the signs and symptoms. However, it’s because of the strong host response, where the immune system responds to the plaque build-up.

Plaque-Induced Gingivitis

If you are suffering from plaque induced Gingivitis, you should immediately treat it with the help of a good dentist because it can lead to a serious complication termed as Periodontitis. Clinical manifestations are very same as gingivitis. But, the only difference is that it is painless.

Just like gingivitis, one would also lose teeth. Moreover, it may also sometimes lead to a heart attack, stroke or coronary disease.

Bacterial Gingivitis

Look for a good dentist if you find yourself suffering from Bacterial Gingivitis, as they would prescribe the right medicines for bleeding or inflammation. If it’s a severe problem, some of the other surgeries including root planning and gun surgery can also be performed.

If performed correctly, it will help them to get rid of the infected gum tissues or Tartars quickly and easily. To keep your gums healthy and strong, you must have good habits and also maintain a proper dental hygiene.

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