Grow Taller Exercises

By | December 16, 2017
Grow taller exercises

Grow Taller Exercises


You may have tried every product out there, every book, every article, and video on how to grow taller but you may have forgotten the number one way to grow taller, and that is by doing grow taller exercises. The grow taller exercises you will see in this article are all tested and proven to help make you grow 1-3 inches.

Grow taller exercises

Neck lengthening exercise:

The neck lengthening exercise is one great grow taller exercise. The main reason why this is one good exercise is that that it requires your head to be positioned higher which gives the impression that you are in power and have gained 1-3 inches in height. To do this exercise, you must follow these simple steps which could be done at any time of day.

Step 1:

Stand up with your back straight or sit down with your back straight. (Remember: No slouching).


Step 2:

Tilt your head to the right or left side. Make sure to do it gently and make sure that it is done for a minimum of 10 seconds. This is to ensure that your neck is being stretched. Once you have done this, do it to the side for another 10 seconds remembering to do it gently and making sure that the neck is being stretched to its true potential.

Step 3:

Look up at the ceiling for another 10 seconds. Once done, do the opposite and look at the floor for another 10 seconds. This ensures that you are stretching your neck in all directions.

Step 4:

Once you have done this, you need to loosen the neck by rolling your head around a couple of times.

Leg lengthening exercises:

Leg lengthening exercises may simply be another one of the best grow taller exercises. The reason as to why this is another grow taller exercise is because they require you to do simple everyday things you would usually do. How is this effective? Well, it means that you don’t have to waste time making time for these as you already do them! I will be showing you effective leg lengthening exercises which can easily increase your height regardless of the fact that if you are in puberty or not. Let’s begin:


Swimming may be one of the most beneficial ways for you to gain inches and that is because you are extending your whole body in the water which increases length. You are also using your legs to propel yourself forward which makes the extending of the legs much easier than you thought. An example of a famous swimmer who is tall is Michael Phelps who currently stands at 6 foot 3.


Kicking could also be a useful tool in increasing length in your legs. This is because you are repeatedly extending your legs in a simple motion. Doing this could guarantee 1-3 inches of height although it would take longer to see the results. The best to do these kicking techniques is by joining Taekwondo or Kickboxing where your legs would be of great use there. Not only that but it would help you lose weight which could make you look more lean and tall.


Cycling is a powerful tool in the arts of leg lengthening because the legs are the main features of your body being used. This would mean that your legs would be the main element of cycling which could result in you becoming taller. The best way to do this exercise would be to invest in a cycle or a stationary bike. Both of these would be considered a good investment to increasing height as well help you get a more lean body.

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