How Metabolic Cooking Works

By | April 8, 2018

How Metabolic Cooking Works

Metabolic Cooking – Fat Loss Cookbook Review
Okay, now you’re wondering how Metabolic Cooking works, and why you will burn fat so much faster using this program rather than some other program, or a program that you are currently on.

Those are the same questions I ask when I look at a product like this; I’m kind of cynical that way. Not to worry, I’ll give you a short breakdown of what is in the Fat Loss Optimizer, remember I said to read that first before you get started? The Fat Loss Optimizer gives you the whole story on Metabolic Cooking, how and why it works, gives you the breakdown on how to read the recipe cards, and how to set up your daily meal plans. It’s important you start by reading it and following the guidelines it lays down to maximize the effect of the program.

How It Works

As you read on the Home page, Metabolic Cooking uses fat burning foods to speed up your metabolism causing your body to burn more calories. When you burn more calories, your body goes looking for another source of energy, your belly fat, and starts metabolizing it and using it for how metabolic cooking work energy.

Metabolic Cooking uses what I would call a three-prong approach by utilizing foods with a high Metabolic Thermo-Charge, their Metabolic Nutri-Profile, and combating the Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon. You can read more about these three strategies in the Fat Loss Optimizer, or on their web page, but I will give you a quick breakdown of each.

Metabolic Thermo-Charge

Metabolic Therm-Charge is their way of saying foods that cause the body to expend a lot of energy to break down and digest. They have packed their recipes full of these types of foods to get your metabolism to speed up and stay there. You don’t have to worry about picking foods that you may think would be good for your weight loss plans, they have done it for you. Entrees, Sides, Snacks, and Desserts all have foods in them that increase your metabolism, all you have to do is cook them and eat them.

Metabolic Nutri-Profile

This is Metabolic Cooking’s unique system of categorizing what’s in a recipe so that you can see in one quick, easy glance if that particular food is how metabolic cooking works one that you want to include in your meal plan. Proteins, Carbs, Fats, and Veggies are coded in the upper right corner of the recipe so that you can see what the recipe contains, not all of the recipes will have all four profiles. For instance, for your snack time, a profile with a P(protein) and a C(carbs) might work fine according to your plan for the day, but it won’t work in a meal because of the lack of F(fat) and V(veggies). Remember, we want to have a good balance of all four profiles throughout the day, which the Fat Loss Optimizer helps you plan for.

Metabolic Adaptation Profile

This is the one no one likes. It’s like hitting a plateau at the gym where your body gets so used to the workout; you stop making gains. We’ve probably all succumbed to this at one point or another (especially if you’re a creature of habit like I am). We get used to the routine of making the same old food day in and day out that our body gets used to what it is going to have, and then adapts to it. You may be making good, healthy food that you have managed to lose some weight by eating, but now your body has adapted to it, and your weight loss slows down to a crawl.

With 250 recipes to choose from, plus if you buy Done-For-You express plans, you have plenty of options to choose from so that your body doesn’t get used to eating the same old thing and adapt to it. You can keep surprising your body with different “Thermo-Charged” foods and keep your metabolism up in the fat burning range and continue to lose belly fat.

Timing Of Meals

One thing that Metabolic Cooking stresses are the need to time your snacks and meals every 2-3 hours. Most of us that have either been on the weight loss or healthy eating quest have heard this at least a time or two. I must confess that I’m pretty bad at this part, and I do know when I do stick to a 2-3 hour cycle the weight does come off much faster.

So there you have it, no tricks, no fancy supplements, no starvation, just good healthy foods designed to maximize weight loss by utilizing the very best in fat burning foods and using them in a way that an average person can make sense of (that’s a plus for me). One of the closing statements in the Optimizer guide is that people can make this too complicated, and Metabolic Cooking strives to make it simple for you.

That is in a nutshell how Metabolic Cooking works. Click on the big green button on the right for your copy of Metabolic Cooking.

But I’ll bet a few of you have one more question, does the Metabolic Cooking – Fat Loss Cookbook work?

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