How to grow taller in 1 week

By | January 18, 2017
How to grow taller in 1 week

How to grow taller in 1 week


Growing taller takes time and dedication to make it happen. It can’t happen overnight nor can it be done using expensive machines which do nothing but waste your money. The best ways to grow taller are by doing it naturally but is it possible to grow taller in 1 week?

Our team has decided to test this theory out to see if it was possible to grow taller in 1 week. We had begun to use methods that we teach on this site which were done almost every day. We spent an hour a day for the week to see if it was possible to grow taller in a time limit. We tried everything including the things we have taught on this site. These included:

How to grow taller in 1 week

Exercises and stretches to grow taller

Eating the right foods to grow taller

After a rigorous training for the whole week, we have all came to an inconclusive decision.

The answer to how to grow taller in 1 week: It depends.


After the whole week, we have all gained knowledge of whether it is possible to increase height. We all received different results based on the theory, and it went as such.

Myself: Height increased by 0.17 inches.

Friend 1: Height increased by 0.43 inches.

Friend 2: Height increased by 0 inches.

Friend 3: Height increased by 1.12 inches.

As you can see from the results, you can see that ¾ of us have gained the height of certain amount of inches while 1 of them hasn’t gained anything. There are many reasons as to why this happened.

The test we ran was a fair test. Everything went as planned as we all did the same amount of training per day for the whole week while eating the same amount of calories and foods. There could be a major reason as to why Friend 3 gained the most height while the rest of us didn’t. Friend 3 was the shortest of the group standing at 5 foot 6 while the rest of us including myself stood at over 6 foot 1. This could potentially mean that we have covered all of our growth and could no longer grow any taller.

Does this mean that it is impossible to grow taller in 1 week? Nope, not at all.

As you can see from the results, ¾ of us grew regardless of whether it was an inch or not. This means that it is possible to grow taller in 1 week, but it would require great dedication.

How to grow taller in 1 week?

I have however listed ways to APPEAR taller. Many of you would like to know how to grow taller in 1 week which means that it must be for a reason. Maybe you are changing high school or changing workplaces, and you would like to appear taller. There are many ways to appear taller with some being more extreme than others. Here are some ways to grow taller in 1 week.

Wear elevator shoes:

Elevator shoes grow taller

Wearing escalator shoes seems to be the best possible way to appear taller. Not only are the boots well made and good looking, but they also make you appear tall. I have a friend who wears these escalator boots that makes him appear 4 inches taller than he already is. Only when he takes them off does he appear shorter again. The best thing about it is that he transformed himself from 5 foot 8 to 6-foot tall wearing only some boots that makes it hard to tell if he is tall or not!

Wear vertically striped clothing:

Striped clothes grow taller

There have been many talks among the fat loss community that wearing horizontally striped clothing makes them appear fatter and plump than they already are and this is because of the way the clothes have been made. Wearing horizontally striped clothing means that the eyes of others are focussed on the stripes facing sideways which could give the illusion of the body shape being fatter.

Wearing vertically striped clothing seems to be a different story. People among the fat loss community begin to appraise this type of clothing as they appear more slim and tall. It seems that vertically striped clothing fixates people’s eyes on the lines going down which makes the body type look more streamlined and taller.

I hope that these methods and techniques have shown you how to grow taller in 1 week…or should I say appear taller.

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