Know What are the Essential Vitamins for Memory

By | August 19, 2017
Vitamins for memory

Know What are the Essential Vitamins for Memory

It is a common perception for every individual that there are several vitamins and minerals needed by the body. Without these vitamins and minerals, the body will be nothing. It cannot function well, and it cannot make people live longer and do whatever the things they want to do. This is the reason why regular intake of these vitamins and minerals is very significant.

Now the big question is, do you know that there are essential vitamins for memory? Yes, you read it right. These vitamins may improve the overall functionality of your brain. These can make you more alert in everyday living that you have. These can even prevent you from experiencing memory loss. Here is the list of vitamins for memory that you must take into consideration:

Vitamins for memory

1. Vitamin B12 ‘ This vitamin is also called Cobalamin. There are a lot of scientists who haven been studying regarding Vitamin B12 and its important relation to the memory of an individual. It has been said that you must incorporate Vitamin B12 in your daily diet because it can help in improving your memory. Even so, you must follow the Recommended Daily Allowance since it can provide several undesirable side effects if you consume too much Vitamin B12.

2. Vitamin E ‘ This vitamin has been proven to be very effective in improving the state of mind of many people especially those elderly out there. Mid-level Alzheimer’s disease can be treated through Vitamin E, and this can be confirmed by some scientific studies by American Medical Association. But the problem is, it is not advisable for people who have cardiovascular diseases to consume higher than 1,000 IU on a regular basis. Prostate cancer is also expected if you consume too much of this vitamin.

3. Vitamin C ‘ This vitamin is the best antioxidant ever, and this is very helpful in the brain. Keep in mind that antioxidants are capable enough in protecting brain tissues. This is made possible through breaking free radicals that are residing in the blood stream. These free radicals are very harmful to your health. Hence, be sure to have the regular intake of antioxidants such Vitamin C.

4. Vitamin D ‘ A lot of people don’t consume too much Vitamin D through the foods they eat. However, don’t you know that there is a good natural source of such vitamin? This is none other than morning sunlight. Yes, morning sunlight since the rays of the sun in other hours can already cause skin cancer and some other severe illnesses. Hence, make sure to wake up in the morning and catch up with the sun. Vitamin D is one of those vitamins for memory. It can improve the state of your mind, and it can help you in preventing brain-related illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Since it can improve the brain condition, it rests assured that it will also improve your ability to solve problems.

5. Vitamin K ‘ Many people have ignored the significance of this vitamin. Little did they know that it can help in speeding up the brain functions. As you go older, this can help you a lot especially in remembering the words or lines that you have just read.

The truth is, these are just some of the vitamins for memory. If you think you need vitamins for your brain, then these are the ones you need to consider.

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