Laser Hair Removal Before and After

By | August 13, 2017
Laser Hair Removal Before and After

Laser Hair Removal Before and After

Are you wondering what you can expect of your laser hair removal before and after the treatment? Well, you might be one of those few people who are afraid of trying laser hair removal since you are scared that you might get hurt. All the time, you’ve been keeping yourself from knowing the real truth behind it.

Laser Hair Removal Before and After
Once you go for a consultation, a certain test will be conducted on the hair patch of the area that you wanted to perform the laser hair removal. This is being done to make sure that the treatment suits you and be able to determine the number of sessions you have to take and its cost. But you also need to make sure that everything is clear between you and the doctor regarding with the treatment. Don’t hesitate to ask about:


‘ The things you have to prepare
‘ How long each of the sessions will take for it to complete
‘ Do it guarantee you permanent results?
‘ Cost of the hair removal
‘ Its effect on the skin
‘ The things you have to know right after each session

You must take note that before the process, there are things you should keep yourself from doing. First one, 4 to 6 weeks before attending on the treatment, prevent yourself from tanning. It simply includes any form of tanning which can cause darkening of your skin. It is much better of you to have lighter skin. Also, you have to avoid plucking or waxing hairs on the area that you are planning to treat with laser hair removal. It is known that results are much better of the hairs are short yet visible.

On your following visit, the process of permanent elimination of body hair will now start. Primarily, you are going to slip with goggles on. The medical practitioners who would perform the treatment are the one responsible for holding the laser into your skin. But don’t freak out. It will not go to hurt you. Cooling gels or devices are applied or used to provide protection for your skin. There’s a chance that you are going to feel the slight sensation which stings you, but anything else, you will not feel that much. Most of the time, procedure’s time frame will all depend on the area you’d like to perform the hair reduction and its wideness.

After the treatment, change will be visible on your skin and hair. Most probably, hair will grow finer and lighter but for some exceptions. That hair which grown out right on the session still has the chance to grow just like your original hair. But then, it can be treated on your next visit.
Right after the treatment, there are instances that your skin is red and swollen. It seems like it is a sunburn. Another thing is that the area you have cured, it may appear a little bit lighter than before. These are not permanent. Just allow these areas to undergo their healing process naturally. Never rub or even scrub them. If it is possible to make use only of soap and water.

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