Lisa Olson Helps Women Get Pregnant After 40

By | February 2, 2018
Lisa Olson Helps Women Get Pregnant After 40

Lisa Olson Helps Women Get Pregnant After 40

Lisa Olson Helps Women Get Pregnant After 40

The amount of time it takes to get pregnant varies. Some couples can try to conceive and get pregnant within a few weeks. Other couples can spend years without succeeding. When a couple finds themselves unable to get pregnant, the experience is devastating – it can make you break down and believe you aren’t meant to have a baby.

Lisa Olson is a woman who has gone through that experience. She and her husband didn’t want to have children in the early years of their marriage. They focused on other areas of their life first. But then the time came when they felt it was time to have children …

After five years of marriage, Lisa was in her mid-30’s and feeling healthy and strong. However, after many months of trying, she wasn’t able to get pregnant. Nevertheless, being a goal-oriented couple, they continued to try for almost a year.

Sex became monotonous, lacking excitement and passion. Their relationship began to feel the strain of trying so hard without any proof of the result. Lisa and her husband started blaming each other for fertility issues. But deep down, Lisa wondered if there was something wrong with her body.

As Lisa writes in her book:

Being the goal-oriented couple we are, my husband and I found it especially difficult to find ourselves on the losing end of our quest.

Lisa’s struggle to face her fears

Facing your fears is frightening. You don’t know what is the cause of your failures. You may find that the answer is not something you want to know – or it may be something that leaves you helpless.

But facing your fears is necessary. It is the first step to achieving a breakthrough in your life. Lisa confronted her fears and consulted with the doctor. She was determined to find what was wrong.

However, the doctor couldn’t give Lisa a satisfying answer. There was no clear-cut reason as to why getting pregnant was difficult for her. The doctor labeled Lisa and her husband as “non-specific infertility” – which only made Lisa more annoyed and upset.

Not being the type to give up, Lisa took things into her own hands and planned things carefully. She had to figure it out on her own. She learned everything she could about getting pregnant and applied her new found knowledge …

Finally, after four years of non-stop effort, Lisa was able to conceive!

“I am 46 and finally going to be a mother”

Lisa’s struggle didn’t end there, though. She had a miscarriage several weeks into her pregnancy. But now Lisa knew she could get pregnant – the next step is to carry the pregnancy into full-term.

After further studying, Lisa found a missing piece of her research. Once she applied it, she was finally able to get pregnant and give birth to her first child. She did it again with her second pregnancy, and now Lisa and her husband have a happy family with children.

Lisa writes about her experience and research in her book, Pregnancy Miracle. This book has gone on to help many women overcome pregnancy issues. Lisa prescribes her method of combining traditional Chinese medicine with exercise to return the body to a natural state proper for pregnancy.

One of the women Lisa helped was able to get pregnant at age 46. By any standard in any country, this age would be considered unsafe for pregnancy. But by following Lisa’s method, this woman gave birth to a healthy and happy baby.

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