Metabolic Cooking Review

By | April 9, 2018
Metabolic Cooking Review

Metabolic Cooking Review

Metabolic Cooking Review

Metabolic Cooking is a recipe guide designed to achieve fat loss. The guide is written by Dave Ruel and Karine Losier, also known as the “Musclecook & Lean Kitchen Queen.” According to the authors, Metabolic Cooking can help you lose excess fat through carefully chosen dishes and recipes. The recipes work by boosting your metabolism while building lean muscle mass. The best part about it is that the meals are not only healthy but tasty too.

The guide offers simple and practical ways of whipping up delicious fat burning meals, along with a series of health tips and advice on nutrition.

In total, the guide comprises 250 tasty recipes that turn your body into a fat burning furnace.

All the recipes have been thoroughly researched and developed to ensure that they can offer metabolism boosting benefits for fat loss.

Keeping fit and losing weight doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t mean that you should eat bland meals. This guide changes that attitude and offers reassurance that good health and eating tasty meals can co-exist.

Why Metabolic Cooking?

The Metabolic cooking hardest part about keeping fit and staying healthy is the nutrition part. The reasons are easy to see: some people have huge, uncontrollable appetite while others go through several binge eating sprees several times a year.

Other people are ‘addicted’ to sweets and sugars while the majority of people think that staying healthy means eating ‘tasteless’ meals.

But as Dave Ruel shows you in this guide, you can have a perfectly healthy meal that is tasty too. Dave sets out to debunk a series of long-held myths that usually keep people away from staying fit.

The guide takes you through the whole process of acquiring the food, meal planning, preparation, and finally how to cook. The recipes are so easy that they make amateurs seem like expert chefs.

This is arguably the best kitchen companion you need for a healthy body. You take things at your own pace, and you have a variety of recipes to try. It is not rigid in any way and it you will always be looking forward to the next meal.

What’s Inside?

The Metabolic Cooking guide is split into two main parts: a nutrition manual that provides general info on healthy eating habits and how they affect your overall health and the second part is the recipes collection manual, which is also the main part of the guide. The recipes range from breakfast, quick lunches, side dishes, snacks, vegetarian dishes, and a range of desserts.

The guide focuses on recipes and a quick perusal through the guide will reveal that a great deal of thought was put into compiling the various recipes.

There are in-depth instructions on how to prepare each recipe. You also get calorie details for every recipe, so you know how much you’re consuming. Also, recipes are graded by their composition of carbs, protein, and fats. As such, picking recipes becomes pretty straightforward as you can use the nutrition guide to determine how much of each nutrient you need every day to select your recipes appropriately.

Metabolic cooking reviewIt’s a lot easier to keep up with a healthy nutrition routine using Metabolic Cooking. You’ll also notice that the ingredients were carefully selected, with an emphasis on healthier spices, oils, protein sources, fat sources, and sweeteners.

You’ll notice a lot of spices in the recipes which, as the author elaborates, are known to boost metabolism.


Metabolic Cooking provides easy recipes for anyone to try out regardless of your cooking skills. The guide comprises easy tips and tricks that are laid out in a simple and clear format.

There are a total of 9 cooking guides comprising 250 pages altogether. This is way too much information for the price you pay. In essence, the guide is a steal.

The recipes are many and varied, so every taste is catered for. You don’t need to worry about foods you may not like because there’s enough variety.

In addition to the recipes, the nutrition manual is very detailed and offers useful info about overall health in relation to diet. You will learn how to make small changes in the kitchen to adapt to a new and healthier eating style.

The guide comprises only healthy spices and ingredients. There’s a selection of spices and natural herbs that not only make your meals tasty but also provide you with useful nutrients.

The recipes are tasty and delicious, in addition to being healthy. This is a win-win for the fitness enthusiast who for a long time have been misled into thinking that healthy eating means eating bland meals.

The guide makes cooking very simple and enjoyable. The authors made sure that once you start using this guide, you’ll always be looking for the next meal.

Why Should You Use The Metabolic Cooking Guide?

If you’re a fitness enthusiast or want to cut weight, you know that eating healthy foods is not a luxury; it is mandatory. Admittedly, cooking and maintaining a healthy diet is one of the hardest parts of any weight loss regime, but this guide makes things a lot easier. Not only will you learn how to whip up delicious healthy meals within minutes but also learn a ton of useful tips about general health and nutrition.

Once you start using this cookbook, you’ll never go back to fast food. Metabolic Cooking makes home-made food easy for everyone and makes the whole process of staying healthy and fit more enjoyable and tasty.


Overall, this guide is a must-have feature in your fitness regime. You need to eat healthy meals, and this cookbook simply makes everything easier for you. More importantly, the guide debunks the myth that healthy food cannot be tasty as well.

All the recipes in the guide are healthy and have been well-researched. When combined with a sound training program, you will achieve your fitness goals faster than you would have if you were not feeding right. Metabolic Cooking is a must-have cookbook for every fitness enthusiast out there who cares about feeding well.


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