Naturally Curing The Problematic Yeast Infection

By | September 25, 2017

Naturally Curing The Problematic Yeast Infection

Mold on redLearning how to cure yeast infection may need prescription drugs, but very often it is a case of prevention being better than a cure. Some types of yeast infection do need professional medical attention and prescription medication, but many women are bothered with burning, itching or painful vaginitis at some time in their lives which may be caused by any number of different organisms. There are some preventative measures which they can take to help avoid suffering from these types of yeast infections in the future.

Dry and Loose ‘ yeast organisms thrive in moist, warm conditions where there is only a limited amount of oxygen, so it is important to dry the vaginal area after showering or bathing thoroughly. Wearing loose cotton underwear which has a ‘breathable’ quality can also help.

Good Hygiene ‘ practicing good hygiene can also help to reduce the risk of suffering from yeast infections. Even infections which are inside the vaginal area can be relieved by frequent washing. Yeast can also be passed to sexual partners and even children who share bath water or towels. If you do suffer from yeast infections, make sure that you never share towels or bath water with anyone else and wash your clothes at high temperatures to destroy any of the yeast organisms in them. A cup of white vinegar added to the rinsing water can help too.


Avoid Using Harsh Hygiene Products ‘ feminine hygiene products and harsh soaps which contain alcohol can change the pH balance which in turn provides a flourishing environment for yeast to thrive.

Yogurt ‘ plain yogurt has a live culture which makes it a superb remedy for yeast infections. This is one of the best ways how to cure yeast infection naturally. It can help in a couple of ways ‘ either by the person eating the yogurt or using a small amount in or around the vagina.

Boric Acid ‘ there have been many tests made on the effectiveness of Boric acid in the fight against yeast infections and, although this should never be considered without the consent of a doctor, it can be safe, inexpensive and very effective. This remedy must never be used by anyone who is pregnant, however, as no tests have been done to determine whether it is safe or suitable.

Fungal Creams ‘ there’s a wide choice of fungal creams available over the counter which were once only available by prescription but are now more readily available. These creams may provide a good solution to anyone who suffers from frequent yeast infections at around the time of their menstrual period. Using this type of cream for just a few days before, during or after a period can help with the prevention of yeast infections.

In the Kitchen ‘ there is some food stuff which has also been shown to help prevent yeast infections. Garlic has many anti-fungal properties and eating just two fresh cloves per day can make a big difference.

Nature provides safe and natural remedies for many different treatments including yeast infections, but it is extremely important that you seek professional medical advice before resorting to any of these solutions.

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