Rapid Home Solutions For Ugly Skin Tags

By | April 24, 2018
Ugly Skin Tags

Rapid Home Solutions For Ugly Skin Tags


A skin tag is defined as skin growth that is acquired benign in type. It is represented by hanging skin that is looking similar to that of small, soft balloon.

It may count up to hundreds depending on your proneness to the problem. Doctors indicated that obesity might be a probable cause of increased skin tag risks. This may be due to the persistent friction of the skin folds, leading to tags development.

Fortunately, there are quick solutions for skin tags.

You can consider the following remedies as rapid regimens for your skin growths:

Ugly Skin Tags

Castor oil. The favorite essential is known for its soothing properties that may be gentle for your skin growths. It is your choice whether to use it alone or mix it with other essential ingredients. You can rub the oil onto your skin tags as needed every day, which is the simplest regimen you can apply castor oil into. Take note that castor oil application frequency should not be less than five times daily. On the other hand, you may also try creating a paste out of baking soda and castor oil. Apply the resulting solution to your skin tags and cover them up with a bandage. Do the regimen before bedtime. You may wash off the solution with tepid water by the morning. Significant results may be seen in as short as ten days.

Tea tree oil. The natural oil contains antiseptic properties that help it kill a variety of skin problems. Apply one to three drops of tea tree oil onto the skin tags. Repeating the regimen thrice a day will already do the work. Noticeable changes in your skin tag will be exhibited by discoloration. It is best to dilute tea tree oil with water to prevent allergic reactions or skin irritation after tea tree oil application.

Dandelion stem juice. The extract is used in treating a lot of skin conditions. Extracted juice from the dandelion stem is efficient in causing skin tags to fall off. Make sure to apply dandelion stem juice onto your skin tags up to four times every day to get optimum results. However, you should not use dandelion stem juice if you are allergic to chrysanthemums, daisies, and ragweed among others. Using dandelion stem juice may get rid of your skin tags in a few days.

Onion juiceOnion juice. The kitchen remedy is effective in curing skin growths on your skin. You simply have to mix a quarter to half teaspoon of salt with onion slices. Leave the solution overnight and then by the morning, just extract the onion juice out of the container. Use the solution before bedtime and place a bandage on your treated skin tags. Wash the solution off in the morning. Doing the regime for at least 10 to 12 days will already work.

The rapid solutions above are what you need to save money, time, and effort in reducing the skin tags on your skin. Other than that, they are evidently cheaper compared to other skin tag regimes.

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