The Many Sources of Vitamin D

By | August 21, 2017
vitamin D sources

The Many Sources of Vitamin D


There are many different kinds of vitamin D sources available. For you to determine which of the vitamin D sources are beneficial to you, you need to speak to your physician who will recommend the right vitamin D sources for you to take. There are varied vitamin D sources such as the sun, food, and supplements. Any one of the vitamin D sources can improve your health greatly.

 vitamin D sources
Different Vitamin D Sources

There are different kinds of vitamin D sources here such as the sun as well as vegetables and not to mention the many supplements available
This is the main and best vitamin D source. It’s great for vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. The great thing about the human body is that the minute it is in the sun, it produces the vitamin. You only need about 15 minutes in the sun daily to reap the benefits.
Alternative Milk Source

These are great vitamin D sources. There is soy milk, rice milk and many varieties of milk. These are available in most major supermarkets. All of these are a good vitamin D source. Before you buy them, you should always make sure you read the label carefully so that you know exactly how much of vitamin D is there in the milk. You should also try out the different kinds of milk to see which one suits your taste. Not all of them taste the same, so you should buy the one that you like the best.
Breakfast CerealsFun in the sun

There are many breakfast bowls of cereal that containing vitamin d. They may not be the commercially made ones but the less popular ones. Again, make sure that you find out the quantity of vitamin D in the cereals before you buy them so that you know that it is a great vitamin D source.

This is another great vitamin D source. This is a general substitute for butter. It is made from vegetable oils. There are some kinds that have animal fat added to them, but not all. In the United Kingdom and Canada, it is required by law that it be fortified with vitamin D.

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Wild Mushrooms

As a good vitamin D source, mushrooms have plenty. As they thrive under the sunshine, they are rich in the vitamin which you can get by eating them. The only drawback with this is that you have to know exactly what kind are the right ones that you can eat. If you do a bit of research, you will know how to differentiate good from bad. All kinds of wild mushrooms are chockfull of vitamin D. If you do not know anything about them, then it is best that you avoid eating any of them as some of them could kill you.

Daily Intake of Vitamin D

The best vitamin D source is the sun of course. The basic rule for this is that the further you are away from the equator, the more you would need to be in the sun to reap the benefits. Another rule is that the darker your skin, the longer you would need to stay. The minimum time that you need to stay out in the sun would be about 15 mins. You should note that the use of sunblock prevents the absorption of the rays. If you have darker skin, then you can safely stay out in the sun for about 30 mins or so. Though it is highly recommended that you be in the sun for a while, people living in colder climates might not find this possible.

Also, the fact that too much sun exposure could cause skin cancer is another issue as well.

You should look at alternative vitamin D sources. One of the best vitamin D sources is supplements. You should always be cautious of dose amounts and vitamin d toxicity. A good vitamin D source is milk, in any form. Now you get milk that has vitamin D in it, making it a great vitamin D source. Other foods that you could also have that are a good vitamin D source are fish, eggs, and supplements such as cod liver pills. The best kind of vitamin D source is a balanced diet. If you are looking for supplements for a vitamin D source, then make sure you check with your physician before you buy anything. Not all supplements work as a vitamin D source for everyone. Having an overdose or adverse reactions is rare. Therefore, it is also advisable to check with your physician before starting on anything new. You should limit the intake of cod liver oil as an excess can lead to serious health issues.

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