Use These Natural Infertility Treatments to Get Pregnant

By | February 3, 2018
Use These Natural Infertility Treatments to Get Pregnant

Use These Natural Infertility Treatments to Get Pregnant

Use These Natural Infertility Treatments to Get Pregnant

One major challenge when you are trying to conceive is facing infertility. According to the Center for Disease Control, infertility is defined as not being able to get pregnant (conceive) after one year of unprotected sex. If you have been trying to conceive for more than one year, you may need to check if you or your husband are having infertility issues.

Pregnancy-Info reports an interesting statistic:

In the last ten years or so it’s been estimated that one in seven global couples have problems conceiving regardless of the country’s development level.

In the United States it’s estimated that more than six million people are affected by infertility. In the UK, it’s estimated that one in seven couples have difficulty conceiving. In Sweden, approximately 10 percent of couples are infertile according to medical records.

Infertility is a serious issue and needs to be treated as soon as possible. There are many factors that can cause infertility including the reproductive health of you and your partner. However, if you are unable to get pregnant, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are infertile. You must look deeper into the cause and figure out a solution to help you get pregnant.

If you are facing an infertility issue, you must deal with it immediately. You must understand what is going on with your body rather than being a passive participant and simply wishing for the best. As a very hands on person, I recommend you research all available options to overcome your infertility.

3 types of invasive therapies to treat infertility

Statistically speaking, the chances of pregnancy for women over 30 start to decline by about 3.5% per year (Fertility Factor, Age and Fertility).

When you are in your twenties, you may feel more safe and lenient knowing you still have time before you get married or start a family. But when you start to cross over to your thirties, you feel the ticking of your biological clock and it makes you worry. At this age, if you haven’t got pregnant yet, you aren’t sure if you should be discouraged.

Several solutions exist if you want to treat infertility. Among them are:

  • Prescription drugs for you and/or your husband
  • Surgical procedures to repair reproductive organs
  • Assisted reproductive technologies

The solutions above are usually called conventional therapies. According to data, these therapies have a 85-90% chance of succeeding. But these therapies can be costly and there is no guarantee that they will treat your case of infertility.

4 steps of natural infertility treatment

The therapies mentioned above are invasive therapies. An invasive therapy uses unnatural methods to treat a certain condition. Drugs, surgery, and assisted conception all use technology that is man-made and doesn’t exist in nature.

I personally prefer natural treatment as often as possible. There are some cases where invasive therapy is unavoidable, but you will be surprised by how often natural treatment can work better.

The good news is that modern technology is complementing natural treatment. And natural treatment is receiving more support from the medical community. You could even combine both invasive therapy and natural treatment to increase your chance of successfully conceiving a baby.

If you are looking for a natural infertility treatment, then you can follow Lisa Olson’s method. Her treatment is based on years of research and primarily relies on TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Here are a few steps involved in Lisa’s infertility treatment.

  • Using diet, vitamins, and minerals to enhance your fertility. If you eat the wrong foods, you could ruin your immune system. Your immune system protects your organs and blood flow and if it is ruined, you can’t create a healthy environment for conceiving a baby.
  • Using acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine herbs to cleanse and balance your energy for conception. Acupuncture has many benefits. Acupuncture helps to relax your uterus, improve your blood flow, and thicken your endocrine lining. All these help to improve your health and ability to conceive.
  • Internal cleansing and liver detoxification. This step helps to clear your body from disease that comes in many forms including ovarian cysts. It can also increase your mental strength, energy, and improve your overall emotional well-being.
  • Nurturing your organs and enhancing your Qi through acupressure and Qi Gong exercises.

You can read more information about Lisa’s program in my Pregnancy Miracle review. Many women over the age of 30 and even 40 have successfully become pregnant after following Lisa’s advice. For example, Lisa advises to eat plenty of fatty acids (in the form of fish, fish oil, soy, eggs, broccoli, and dark-green vegetables) and eat less acidic foods to balance your pH level. This diet helps to improve your body environment and make it conducive for conceiving a baby.

Whether you choose an invasive therapy or natural treatment, the most important thing is you make a choice that feels most comfortable for you. Just because many people say you should do something, doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for you. Lisa’s pregnancy program informs you of the many choices you have to get pregnant in a healthy and natural way. read more

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