Weight Loss Body Wrap: Does It Work?

By | July 26, 2017
Weight Loss Body Wrap

Weight Loss Body Wrap: Does It Work?

Weight loss seems like one of the popular things among women. It seems like something most women do as possible as they can since they won’t feel enough on losing their weight and staying in shape. There are many ways to lose weight, such as healthy diet, exercise, acupuncture, and body wrap. Yes, in case you haven’t noticed, you can wrap yourself up and lose weight at the same time.

Weight Loss Body Wrap

That’s A Wrap!

Body wrap has become the new popular non-surgical weight loss procedure since it doesn’t need any movements or pains. The body wrap is designed to tighten, firm and tone the skin while helping a body to burn more fat faster. Its form is sheets’which honestly looks like plastic wrap and you just have to wrap them tight around the certain area you want to focus losing fat on, such as belly, upper arms, or thighs.
Weight loss body wrap comes in several types, including moisturizing, detox, slimming and cellulite type. Moisturizing types usually use a variety of ingredients and lotions, as for detox it usually uses ingredients that have ‘pulling’ action such as seaweed or mud, slimming usually uses smaller strips of sheets so you can focus more on the certain area, while cellulite usually uses herbal remedies.

The Pros (and Cons?)

Nowadays, you can find this body wrap product almost everywhere, with different brands or types. But does body wrap work? According to the ads and some people who have used the product, yes. Body wraps are supposed to reduce your size up to 6-20 inches and do make their users’ body look slimmer and lose weight. Unfortunately, this is just temporary.

So how does body wrap work for you? Apparently, body wrap concentrate on ‘squeezing’ you out, and guess what comes out? You definitely can’t expect your fat was coming out from your skin pores, so it’s water that’s coming out. As you may recall, water forms up to 80% of the human body, so by reducing water out from your body, it will look slimmer and of course losing its weight.

This is why body wrap results are temporary’like for a day or two’as the experts would like to call it water weight loss. So you might expect weight loss and more good-looking body after the procedure, but don’t forget the bonus, hydration. Drink up after a session to keep yourself fresh.

So, Wrap Up or Give Up?

When you hear about the body wrap thing, you must keep in mind that body wrap can’t be relied upon for long-term or permanent weight loss since it’s not exercising, healthy diet, or surgical treatment’something that body wrap can’t replace. But that doesn’t mean body wrap can’t come in handy.
You can use body wrap for emergency weight loss, such as important party, wedding, or honeymoon. Since it’s fast and temporary, it will be so much easier to do than the other weight loss procedures. It will tighten your body fast, make it look slimmer, without all the pain.

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